Flip This House: Real Estate or Fake Estate?

Have you ever watched that show “Flip This House” on A&E and wondered just how in the heck they find those houses so cheap in the first place? I mean they show you how they fix the place up and how they sell it and make a killing; But how do they manage to find houses at 50% of their market value and below?

Maybe you have a hard time believing that those types of deals are really out there. Some will say that’s just television. Perhaps that makes no sense to you like it didn’t to me either at first. It could be that you doubt this “real estate” thing will ever really happen for you and at one point would have agreed if someone called it “fake estate“. I know that’s not you though. You’re hanging on in hope, and refuse to fall into the “skeptic” trap that has strangled the dreams of so many other people though out the world.

Well guess what… It’s not just television and no it’s not “fake estate“. I’ve done just what they do on those tv shows; of course minus the fixing up houses, driving hummers and the bad acting. That leaves the question; Should I have my own tv show?

Back to the main story. Guess what his answer was…


His number one source of leads are probate/estate case filings. Number ONE! It’s as simple as going down to your local court house, getting the most recent probate filings, pulling some leads, sending off some letters and sit back and wait for some calls to roll in. Of course you’re not just sitting back doing nothing. You’re either working on other leads or pulling more probate files. What ever you do, don’t just sit there and do nothing. Real estate investing is ALL a numbers game. The more leads you bring in, the more money you’re on track to make.

The same stuff that their doing on those tv shows, you can do. I actually used some techniques I learned here and there to get my first probate under contract. I got a $53,000 home under contract for only $16,000.

Ever heard of Than Merril? He was on the “Flip This House” show. Did you know he did over $200,000 in sales in one month alone? Almost all of that was from wholesaling and a majority of those wholesale deals were from probates.

You need to learn how to do this. Your financial freedom, family safety, personal dignity, degree of success and joy in life depend on it!

I am personally handing you on a silver platter the #1 easiest way in the universe to generate loads of cash quickly. I know of no faster and easier way. It’s how I did it. It’s how Than Merrill did it. It’s how I’ve done it; And It’s how you’re going to do it. Can you can really see yourself making money like this?